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Dr. Olaf Schröder studied mathematics at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg and received his doctorate in the field of algebraic geometry. He is specialised in the fields of Pattern Recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence. In 1991 he started developing Pattern Recognition software subsequently founding the company PATTERN EXPERT in Borsdorf near Leipzig. As CEO he is responsible for operational management, business development, research and development.

Dr. Schröder and his employees collectively developed the proprietary technology framework PATTERN EXPERT, which has been constantly refined and adapted to client-specific problems over time. The software provides a powerful set of analytical instruments based on mathematical algorithms incorporating Pattern Recognition, Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning. In the course of time PATTERN EXPERT developed a wide range of software solutions for different fields of application including Image Processing and Image Recognition, Bioinformatics and Spectroscopy. A few examples:

  • PATTERN EXPERT airspect and airspect SRS: Diagnostic software for one- or two-dimensional spectroscopy
  • SENSDOCĀ®: Character recognition software for position detection in technical drawings
  • Quins-easy: PCB-inspection system

Furthermore, Dr. Olaf Schröder has developed a method for evaluation of microelectrode arrays. This innovative and extensive business has been outsourced: In 2007 Dr. Schröder founded NeuroProof GmbH with Dr. Alexandra Voß. He is leading the Rostock-based company as CEO.

Dr. Olaf Schröder, CEO