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PATTERN EXPERT | Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

PATTERN EXPERT has more than 20 years of experience in developing intelligent software solutions incorporating Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Multivariate Data-Analysis.
PATTERN EXPERT offers a wide range of services including data analysis and interpretation, feasibility studies, custom-tailored self-learning software solutions and consulting as well as cooperative research and development.

The company’s research activity is focused on solving complex problems requiring competencies in different scientific disciplines as well as intelligent solutions including Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning in the fields of Image Processing and Image Recognition, Bioinformatics and Spectroscopy.

Project References:

PATTERN EXPERT has been contributing to several cooperative research projects by providing intelligent solutions for the extensive analysis and interpretation of scientific data. The following list contains projects that have been successfully completed in the past as well as ongoing ventures and networks.

  • DIPAR Diagnosing Parkinson's Disease by neuromuscular function evaluation
  • NormoLife Development of new therapeutic substances and strategies for treatment of pain in patients with advanced stages of cancer
  • HybridSens
  • 3Dsensation
  • Bio-iSensor